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Promo ERP

Fully loaded. Industry ready solution

Implementing ERP conjures up horror stories of companies almost going under. That fear is not unfounded and there are multiple reasons that combine to make it a high risk initiative. Most important one being the Promo industry experience and the understanding of its unique workflow.

We have taken the problem head on and built Promo ERP which is ready to go. Taking the entire risk out of the game. What is left is any specific customization you need that is unique to your business. Promo ERP reliability comes from it's architecture. It is built on Microsoft Dynamics Navision platform.

AWS advantage: Having worked with over 400 companies and managing back office functions like entering orders, creating proofs we have had the unique opportunity to work on all types of systems, work flows and processes, giving us insights into best practices.

What's on Offer?

  • Manage bookkeeping and inventory
  • Manage customer and sales data
  • Simplify and control your order to shipping workflows
  • Analyze trends and relationships
  • Boost efficiency of production orders
  • Manage campaigns and marketing activities
  • Get online proof approval
  • Manage your website content
  • Project management – Create estimates, track projects and manage capacity

Flexible deployment - Deploy on-premises or in the cloud, whichever model best fits your business

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