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Your business seeks innovation in personalization, the cross-channel consumers look for what is relevant to them when they land on your website. Our integrated technology connects your customers and brings on the table shared values which can easily be identified; your prospects get an anchored experience.

  • Promotional

    AWS has been a key technology and back office partners for promotional industry suppliers since 2000. A huge demand to quickly move physical transactions online created a surge in digital product management and marketing. At the heart of AWS is a full bodied offshore back office department abled with the best of skills and industry knowledge which has been catering to the promotional industry since its inception. AWS continues to dominate the promo space with its personalized tech solutions.

  • Apparel

    The apparel industry experiences a huge online footfall on a daily basis. The challenges entail digital personalization to a competitive level where online portals struggle to deliver what customers are looking for. Our integrated system can help customize your website and boost sales.

  • Awards

    AWS is has powered some top ranking awards businesses digitally. The rising demand for innovative awards coupled with a significant change in the procurement cycle has made key players to break digital frontiers. AWS was able to fulfill the demand gap for realistic images and virtual imprint methods before a buyer makes the purchase decision.

  • Publishing

    Our multi-channel publishing platform has helped businesses with an end-to-end publishing workflow. From pre-press and design for print to cross-platform publishing, everything is operated from an expert offshore publishing studio with compelling content management capabilities. Be it a periodical or a book, we manage the entire life cycle of its publishing process.

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