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DistributorCentral Upgrades and Add-ons

ArtworkServicesUSA, the official design and technology partner of DistributorCentral

Get the most out of your DistributorCentral web platform by adding these powerful features that uplift your business.


Official Data and Technology Partner

Design Upgrades

Upgrade your current website to DistributorCentral’s new web platform, packed with powerful capabilities to boost your business.
  • Mobile responsive
  • A custom design
  • Actionable Insights
  • Engage audience more effectively
  • Drive traffic to your site and close sales quicker

Virtual Samples

Instantly generate life-like visuals of products with your logo and engage your users more effectively.
  • Check imprint area and method
  • Add/ edit text
  • Format fonts
  • Change logo colors
  • Share, email and download samples efficiently

Presentation Creator

Create highly personalized marketing communications and broadcast campaigns within a few clicks.
  • 10 catalogs per day
  • 3 types of formats: Flip, PDF and e-Flyers
  • Select templates and add products with personalized logos
  • Actionable campaign insights
  • Email and share instantly with active product links.


Design Upgrades Virtual Sample Presentation Creator
Set-up Cost $500 - $250
Monthly Charges $25 $80 $50

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