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In everything we do, the starting point is always the same – your success. Our service mission is to understand and rapidly amplify the strengths that make you a success, and equally, identify and manage your top challenges and opportunities.

Our transition team studies in detail your processes, the systems that support them and connects with the people that drive them. They then design and implement a delivery service that fits your needs exactly. We replicate the best parts, and work with you to improve things wherever we see an opportunity.

The outcome is fast, high quality, value-added delivery of processed art and orders, day in day out. So you save on costs, management time and uncertainty. And you liberate the time to truly engage with customers.

We get it all done for you
The AWS Triple Advantage
1 Guaranteed Savings.

We look at your business process from every angle, to understand, detail and transform the cost economics. So that you get savings of up to 50%, guaranteed, year in year out. That’s one reason why leading suppliers have been working with us, year in year out for over a decade.

2 Guaranteed Delivery.

Your business depends on delivering on time. You can depend on AWS to deliver. The AWS Guaranteed Delivery Program is your assurance that your orders and art will be processed within a predicted and pre-agreed time, every time. Including same day rush orders processes at no extra cost.

3 Guaranteed Value.

Every transaction, every order, every customer carries the potential for growth. Buying patterns and preferences sit within the data and information that customers provide. We help you unearth hidden opportunities. We help you convert data into value creating insights and viable business initiatives.

The Road Map To Guaranteed Results.

Over 12 years and working with 200+ customers, we have developed best practices that minimize risk and maximize results.

The first things we do, once we engage, is to study your business in great detail. Learning’s drive everything we do. From planning to process design, team selection, migration and delivery.

Once we understand things as they are, we are able to promise the financial benefits that will accrue to you once we engage. You have a guaranteed, predictable upside before you commit to working with us.

Our experienced migration team implements a customized migration plan that brings over your process in a way that preserves and enhances the unique values you have created over the years.

The resulting delivery process guarantees that we are able to improve on costs, speed and quality. All of these promises are defined in a Service Level Agreement that drives our relationship.

Your team will be exclusive to you. Team members are selected for the special skills your process will need, trained on every aspect of the requirement and guided by their leaders to meet the SLAs without fail.

As thought leaders in the Promotional Industry, we are committed to the growth of suppliers & distributors of all sizes

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How You Gain
  • Manage unpredictable volumes with our flexible resourcing
  • Guaranteed savings of 30% to 40% over current costs
  • No cost of resource, training and retention to carry
  • Big saving on management time
  • Control rising health insurance cost
  • Reduce Infrastructure cost
  • Business continuity Rain, snow or storm
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