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Distributor buying decisions are biased in favor of suppliers who quickly deliver highly accuracy data andvisually appealing product images within the setting of a website, presentation or catalog. Developing comprehensive datasets and keeping them up-to-date consumes a lot of time and resources. As does the generation of great looking product images and user interfaces. AWSUSA design and data services deliver every data, image and design output you need, relieve your teams of the time burdens and cost overheads, and ensure substantial savings. Our linked Design & Data Services help ensure that your distributors access and convert your product data to sales.

Data Services
Product Information Management

AWSUSA’s turnkey Product Information Management solutions are helping suppliers to focus on using data rather than managing it. AWSUSA collates, organizes, refines and updates your product data quickly and accurately. Your catalogs, websites and partner sites always carry the right information and optimized images. We usually work in three steps:

  • 1. Collate data from multiple sources & formats

    We help you hunt and gather product information, photographs, images, old catalog dBs, Mac/Indesign/Corel files, .xls files, text files, jpegs, pdfs and pricing tables. Wherever it resides, we find it and compile it ready for the next stage.

  • 2. Organize the information as a structured asset

    A centralized database holds de-duplicated, up-to-date product information and retouched product images in the right sizes.You can now use it to drive your business. It can power all your customer-facing websites, catalogs and marketing material and it works with your order management and inventory systems at the back end.

  • 3. Enter data into databases & applications

    Your product information has to reach and work with multiple internal and external systems and destinations: industry portals, partner sites, distributor portals and more. We make sure it is everywhere it should be, in real time, accurate and doing business for you.

AWS makes Product Information Management a service that delivers a competitive advantage, rather than a resource
and technology investment you get locked into.
Product Research

Thorough, continuous research is at the core of successful online businesses.
And that's exactly what we offer you. Our research team provides you with invaluable information on competitor products and pricing, buying trends, distributor behavior, ongoing campaigns and more, allowing you to position your product optimally for each customer group and to win business.

Our research is powered by a team of expert researchers who can transform your online investments into measureable dollars.

AWSUSA makes Product Information Management a service that delivers a competitive advantage, rather than a resource
and technology investment you get locked into.

The fastest way to grow your business with the leader in Services.

AWS organizes, refines and updates your product data quickly
and accurately, on your website and industry portals
Design Services
Catalog Design & Production
Image Editing & Related Services
  • Product Image Editing

    We do it all. Remove backgrounds from product photographs, optimize images for the web, enhance/clean up product shots and more. On time, in budget.

  • Clipping Path

    AWSUSA delivers fully hand drawn clipping paths and masks, even for complex shapes, so you get the highest quality product images ready for print.

  • Product Templates/mockups

    Let AWSUSA handle all your one time or irregular studio work including getting product images ready for print and web, virtual samples and template creation.

  • Dedicated Studio

    Realize the full cost and service benefits of offshoring your production art, within days. We create and manage dedicated teams that work exclusively for you.

  • On Demand Artwork

    Back up your busy art studio. Let AWSUSA's 24/7 studio manage your overspills and emergencies. Our experienced team can meet all your needs across all formats.

Brochure & Flyer Design services
  • PDF Brochures

    AWSUSA custom designs PDF brochures with seasonal or event-specific themes, ready to be downloaded from your websites. They are effective and low-cost.

  • Flip Brochures

    Flip ahead. AWSUSA's advanced flip technology gives your customers powerful search, bookmarking, commenting and email tools within a fast digital catalog format.

  • Print Brochures

    AWSUSA designs corporate brochures with custom branded cover and products. Print them digitally and pitch existing and new corporate customers at low cost.

  • Email Flyers

    AWSUSA's innovatively designed flyers are optimized for email blasts and help you win business. Try us on demand or subscribe to our monthly service.

  • PDF Flyers

    AWSUSA can create a range of custom designed PDF flyers for users to download from your website or for mailing/printing, made for Close Outs, Offers, New Products and more.


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