Team Support
  • Jessie Johnson, President & Co-owner, Wovin Brands.

    "In another exciting testimonial presentation by ArtworkServicesUSA, we're thrilled to introduce Jessie Johnson, President & Co-owner of Wovin Brands, sharing her insightful journey with us. Jessie shares her experience of seamlessly transitioning their website to AWS, expressing complete satisfaction. She applauds our outstanding support and relishes collaborating with our team, underscoring the joy of working alongside a remarkable partner like ArtworkServicesUSA. Jessie's feedback truly emphasizes the value we place on our partnership, and we're genuinely honored by her words. We're excited to keep supporting Wovin Brands and being part of their ongoing success story."

  • Garry Libman, President & CEO, Storm Duds Raingear.

    "Welcome to another testimonial that we at ArtworkServicesUSA are thrilled to share. In this video, we briefly speak with Garry Libman, President & CEO of Storm Duds Raingear, who highlights the exceptional support and services provided by ArtworkServicesUSA over the years. Garry expresses his satisfaction with the user-friendly website design and captivating structure that has enhanced their online presence. He commends ArtworkServicesUSA as a great partner in their success. Garry's kind words underscore the valuable partnership we share with Storm Duds Raingear. We're truly grateful for his feedback and honored to be part of their success story."

  • Harvey Mackler, Owner, Gempire.

    "I absolutely loved the website, it has taken my little company where we couldn't do anything on the internet and taken on some products to a whole different level, given us many more opportunities, we are now running specials, we are doing things, we are adding products, am going back to some old discontinued items that are not in my catalog and am adding them to my website one by one and then throwing out specials to my customers. Very helpful, very reasonably priced and we love their service."

  • Andy Bertram, VP of Marketing, Fields Manufacturing, Inc.

    "Welcome to a brand new testimonial from Andy Bertram, VP of Marketing at Fields Manufacturing, Inc., sharing his experience with ArtworkServicesUSA. Andy highlights the exceptional support provided by our team in creating a fantastic website. He expresses his genuine happiness with the progress made over the past few years, emphasizing the significant improvement compared to previous times. Andy's feedback reflects the strong partnership we share with Fields Manufacturing, Inc., and we're truly grateful for his kind words. We look forward to continuing to support their success journey."

  • Mike Burns, President, Quikey Manufacturing Co.

    "I have to say it's been a very nice upgrade from the site that we had before. Couple of things I've known, AWS was excellent in implementing and executing the site. They worked closely with us to try to get our flavor, of course it's a, it's one of their applied template in site but it stood up where we need their information presented in it. The people are good, they have highly responsive skill set because like in any situation there are issues that come up, they are very responsive to our request to get assistance or to teach us how to do something or may be fix a little glitches in the system: so we have been very happy with the website, it carries our…we are proud to have it as a representation of the Quikey…our company."

  • Aimee Hoffman, Director of Marketing, Seville Gear.

    "Welcome to another insightful testimonial we're excited to share from ArtworkServicesUSA. Today, we're honored to have Aimee Hoffman, Director of Marketing at Seville Gear, as our guest, generously sharing her experience with our services and support. Aimee expresses her satisfaction with our collaboration, emphasizing her happiness with the website we developed. She appreciates our prompt resolution of issues and commends our excellent service throughout the partnership. Aimee also emphasizes the positive experience of working with us, noting our excellent service. Aimee's feedback highlights the exceptional collaboration we've had with Seville Gear. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Aimee for her kind words. Here's to many more years of working and growing together."

  • Soledad Wong, VP of Product Development, Quake City Caps.

    "Embark on an exciting journey with us as we unveil another testimonial at ArtworkServicesUSA. Today, we're delighted to chat with Soledad Wong, VP of Product Development at Quake City Caps, as she shares her uplifting experience of working together. Soledad expresses genuine enjoyment in collaborating with ArtworkServicesUSA, highlighting the great online support provided by our team. She emphasizes our prompt assistance in resolving issues, mentioning how opening a ticket guarantees quick resolution. Soledad proudly acknowledges that her website was designed by our team and appreciates the continuous improvements made to it. Overall, she expresses her satisfaction with working with ArtworkServicesUSA and extends her gratitude. Soledad's kind words underscore the value of our partnership with Quake City Caps, and we are truly grateful for her feedback. We look forward to continuing our successful collaboration with Soledad and Quake City Caps."

  • Larry Campbell, Indiana Metal Craft.

    "Welcome to another testimonial that we at ArtworkServicesUSA are excited to share. In this video, we have the pleasure of speaking with Larry Campbell from Indiana Metal Craft, who shares his experience with our services and support over the years. Larry expresses his gratitude, stating, "You have been a big help for us." He highlights the exceptional website we built, emphasizing its quality and effectiveness. Larry also appreciates our quick response time, underscoring the importance of prompt support. At ArtworkServicesUSA, we value our partnership with Indiana Metal Craft and are honored to be part of their success story. Larry's kind words reaffirm the strength of our collaboration."

  • Jared O, Co-Founder & President, Clothpromotions Plus.

    "Greetings and welcome to another heartfelt testimonial that we’re delighted to share at ArtworkServicesUSA. In this video, we have the pleasure of hearing from Jared O, Co-Founder & President of Clothpromotions Plus, who expresses sincere appreciation for the support received since 2017. Jared fondly recalls being one of our earliest clients in the promo industry and the significance of implementing our ERP system. He extends gratitude to our dedicated team and acknowledges the valuable contributions of our virtual and art teams in India. At Clothpromotions Plus, a family-operated business, Jared emphasizes the importance of our partnership. As Jared reflects on our journey together, he expresses excitement for many more years of collaboration and problem-solving. Jared's words of appreciation truly highlight the meaningful partnership we share with Clothpromotions Plus. We're deeply grateful for his feedback and eagerly anticipate the continued success of our collaboration."

  • Monique Nigorzawa, Director of Sales & Marketing, Pinnacle Designs.

    "Join us for yet another customer testimonial, where we highlight our unwavering passion to serve our clients and demonstrate our incredible work ethic here at ArtworkServicesUSA. In this video, we have the pleasure of speaking with Monique Nigorzawa, Director of Sales & Marketing at Pinnacle Designs, who highlights the exceptional service and support she has received from us over the years. Monique says she loves her new catalog setup, noting how they have been effectively broken down into mini catalogs. She also appreciates our responsiveness, mentioning how we quickly respond to her inquiries and even call her if needed. At ArtworkServicesUSA, we value our clients' time and strive to provide prompt and efficient service. Monique's kind words reinforce the importance of our partnership with Pinnacle Designs."

  • Jeff Lederer, CEO & President, Prime Line.

    "Hi this is Jeff Lederer with Prime and new Jetline, and just wanted to say that we have been partnering with Artwork Services for many years now, both Jetline and Primeline and we think they are a fantastic partner and they are part of the fabric of what we do every day and a big reason why we are very successful with what we are doing with servicing our customers. Artwork Services is one of the more dependable companies that we have worked with, they have created some efficiencies, helped us with our processes, enabled us to turn around orders and artwork in a very quick manner to our customers and their professionalism has worked well with, what we are trying to achieve with servicing our customers at the highest level."

  • Jeffrey Nanus, President, AAA Innovations.

    "Since 1909 and I want to say that from the last 3 years or so we have moved our order entry… to work with ArtworkServices..and we had a great experience where we had quite a few people in order entry, trying to keep up with the demand and we have a seasonal business, so certain times of the year we'll be way behind our order entry and we moved our businesses..so we met Varshal and we moved our business to this company and we've had very positive experience…to handle the seasonality of the business much better and move our orders in terms of moving them to our system we moved that much much faster..and our business has had a very positive effect because of our ability to move orders to the system much quickly..much quicker. In addition we used ArtworkServices to do virtual samples and create art, clean up our art. Our team works with their team in India worked very closely and all I can say is that we had a very positive experiences."

  • Marceea Tarnoff, CEO & Founder, Blank2Branded.

    "We're pleased to present yet another customer testimonial that brings us joy here at ArtworkServicesUSA. In this video, we had the pleasure of speaking with Marceea Tarnoff, CEO & Founder of Blank2Branded, who shares her insights about our services and support throughout the years. Marceea expresses her happiness in meeting our team, particularly highlighting Nelson as a favorite. She acknowledges the significant assistance we provide to her company, emphasizing how we contribute to their continuous improvement. Marceea's gratitude reflects the strong partnership we share with Blank2Branded. At ArtworkServicesUSA, we are truly thankful for her feedback and honored to be part of their journey towards success."

  • Joel D. Schaffer, CEO & Founder, Soundline LLC.

    "And back from the 49 years ago if I do business the way I did 49 years ago I would not be in business. AWS would make any company faster, they will do it better and they will do it cheaper, and by faster I mean order processing, to do it with AWS is to do it instantaneously and to do it as fast as you would do in your own premises, To do it cheaper, By doing with AWS its incalculable what can be saved in your foreign office expenses, in the hidden expenses of medical, in the hidden expenses of unemployment insurance. It's absolutely incredible what the cost of a single order processed is, compared to doing it the old fashioned way. And to do it faster, cheaper and better, better to me is to know when to have the security that your order is being processed, the backup is there in case of catastrophe, the backup is there in case of a computer crash, who have an incredible amount of resource not just with a small office of 4, 5, 10 or 20 customer service people or accounting people, order entry people; this is a total turn-key office solution and I cannot see any company doing a few million dollars in this industry up to many million dollars in this industry not turning their back office over to AWS, plus it integrates with your artwork services and an incalculable amount of time, energy and money that can be saved on outsourcing the art and it also integrates with the internet, embracing a company who has technology that's light years ahead of any other technology available today. So, AWS to me is the total solution; Front, Back and Cyberspace."

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