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Creating measureable results through digital personalization.

engage distributors personally,
on every channel.

A marketing Platform where
everthing gets Done in minutes

ewiz commerce makes suppliers more profitable. ewiz commerce helps suppliers to create high impact personalized engagements online, dramatically speeding up the generation and conversion of opportunities.
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Power tools for results

Custom made Web, Mobile and Tablet sites Each user interface is custom made to deliver a powerful experience for each device and customer context.

Manage and share information with ease

ewiz commerce centralized database connects product, customer and buying data and presents it to your operations and marketing teams for better and faster execution. Customers see order status and inventory in real time on web and mobile.

Every distributor gets a custom online experience

Not just responsive but custom designed mobile and tablet sites build real engagement and interactions with distributors who are on the move.

Create and broadcast campaigns in minutes

Using ewiz commerce marketing automation, your marketing team targets distributors individually via personalized campaigns, created and broadcast within minutes. You reach more opportunities, faster and generate greater new and repeat visits.

Transform your website into a sales center

Purchase Analytics, Filtered Search, Instant Quote and Ideas in Minutes deliver rapid price and product discovery. One click converts shortlists into customer ready catalogs and proposals.

Create 'life-like' virtual samples

Products selection gets decorated with the prospect/customer’s logo automatically. Life like images, can be instantly shared with the customer.

Create and deliver personalized catalogs in minutes

The customer places a request. The distributor uses ewiz commerce to create a custom catalog. The customer gets a tailored response, can place sample/quote/order requests, all in minutes.

Actions that drive transactions

Distributors enjoy working with you online so less load on your phones and people. Provisional orders, sample requests, quote requests, order tracking, art and proof management make transactions easy and fast.

Analytics that lead to better results

Email and catalog campaign tracking, traffic and online analytics, purchase trends and more give you and your distributors’ rich instant insight that drive refinement.

Connect with all critical systems

ewiz commerce is built to connect with order management, erp and other systems you work with, so information connects and enhances your operations. And your customers see vital information, like order status and inventory, on demand.

Engage existing customers

ewiz commerce provides a palette of tools for your sales and marketing teams to meaningfully deepen engagement with your existing customers.

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