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At 5X speed | With 98% accuracy | At 50% less cost

Automate your product information management
with ewiz commerce AI Cloud

Introducing, ewiz commerce AI Cloud

An AI-powered product information management (PIM) solution tailored for the promo industry.

  • 1. Automated product tagging

    Instantly generate engaging, SEO-friendly titles and descriptions.

  • 2. One-click product image creation

    Switch to AI-driven auto-tagging, enhancing product visibility & searchability by 30%.

  • 3. Automated product categorization

    Create stunning, thematic product images quickly, without the need for expensive photoshoots.

  • 4. AI-powered content creation

    Accurately categorize your products, reducing 90% of effort spent on manual segregation.

How AI-powered automation boosts your business
  • Dramatically reduce content creation time, increasing efficiency by over 50%.

  • Speed up new product onboarding with 3x faster tagging.

  • Reduce photography costs by up to 70%, with faster turnaround times.

  • Reducing 90% of effort spent on manual segregation.

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