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Lowering capex, faster collections and preserving margins are three transformational opportunities we can help you with.


How do you stop customers from clicking out? It’s a battle of focus, speed and engagement we help you fight and win.


One-to-one marketing on an industrial scale can now be brought to your sales floor at very high speed and negligible cost.


How do you comply with new payroll regulations and yet remain competitive? We take the risks out of creating and deploying winning teams.


Web, mobile, social, big data and automation need to be integrated with legacy investments. We bring the industry’s best answers to you.

Industry understanding. Cross functional expertise. Six hundred people. Twelve years of experience. One focus: Your success

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Our Team
Varshal Thakor
Varshal Thakor
Co-founder President

Varshal is the forward pushing, hard talking, road burning, deep diving power house who drives us all ever forward and steers strategy to aim ever higher. He lives in that space where art, design, technology, business and relationships meet. He is the AWS gardener and evangelist. He has a 30 year entrepreneurial track that traverses advertising, product management, finance and marketing. He cheers for the Ravens, paints and cooks often, all at the same time.

Rajesh Patel
Rajesh Patel
Co-Founder CEO

Rajesh likes listening to his customers and doodling. Every now and then a big idea pops out from those doodles. Then he likes to knuckle down to build products and see his ideas in action and producing results his customers speak and dream of. He is passionate about building high performance teams. He drives product development, invention and people development at AWS, which he co-founded a decade ago, along a 25 serial entrepreneurial journey. Cryptic crosswords and Rugby are obsessions.

Pratik Thakore
Pratik Thakore

From being the first employee at AWS to becoming COO through several role transitions that involved responsibility across almost all functions, has been a natural yet relentless climb. Pratik cements the two sides of AWS with ease - Technology and Business Service, moves seamlessly between the two and drives the one to add strength to the other with ever increasing value for customers. Pratik has an encyclopedic knowledge of music from 1940’s Hindi to the latest Rock and almost everything between. He fronts a rock band and scripts a cartoon.

Rahul Aiyar
Rahul Aiyar
EVP Operations

A veteran of the coal face, Rahul is wherever the heat is. His job is to get the job done and he does, day in day out, with single minded passion. He comes to AWS after having managed operations for 2 multi nationals. He habitually sharpens talents, ignites minds and throws people in at the deep end, always ensuring they swim. He has built a line of operating champions who live by his favorite maxim “You are what you do, not what you say you will do’. He reads and travels every spare minute he isn’t playing cricket.

Deepak Punjabi
Deepak Punjabi
VP, Web Products

A commerce graduate with a diploma in software technology, Deepak brings more than 17 years of commercial and operations experience in the software and promotional industry to artworkservicesusa. He has been with us since inception and has held various management positions, successfully driving the company’s product and service initiatives.

Sachin Ghodke
Sachin Ghodke
VP, Presales & Operations

His whatsapp tag line reads “When things have scared me, I have been compelled to do them”. As head of graphics and post production, Sachin has been pushing the frontiers of design, visual technology and multi media at AWS for 5 years. He likes print, adores the web and is consumed with mobile. Publishing across media while being true to each medium, in real time – this is his mission. Sachin is a biker, a photographer, art house film buff and guitarist, but never all at once. ‘Focus’ is his forte.

Alpa Patel
Alpa Patel
VP Production and Web Solutions

Alpa bet on stocks. She worked with a broking firm before she changed track and took a bet on AWS. She is all intensity – make every day count, is her morning mantra. And she is a double centurion. 100+ successful site launches for AWS customers (with combined visits of 1million+ a month), and 100 strong team of UX specialists, designers, developers and analysts powering new builds for 2014. She is a bridge player and dancer. Watch this space for her next big move.

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