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  • Keeping the attention of a squirrel

  • In the past year, many businesses moved their presence to entirely online – out of necessity. How have you responded? Are you still weighing options? Do you have more questions than answers?

  • Distributors expect a seamless engagement experience on a Supplier’s website. They want ideas, images, information, sales insights, and they want it all – in real-time. Does your site provide easy access to virtual samples, freight estimates, product sorting, available inventory, and a powerful suite of self-service marketing tools? If not, you may be risking customer defections to competitors.

  • Customers can be like squirrels, with very limited attention spans. Like an acorn holds the squirrel’s attention, a good website can hold the attention and interest of your customers. And a poor experience can have them abandoning the website in seconds!

  • Considering the importance of the website in today’s business climate, choosing the right partner is one of the most important decision ahead of you - and here are a few things you might consider.

  • How cutting-edge and robust is the solution? A new site built on an old platform is money wasted. eWiz from AWS is built on the most advanced micro services architecture (driving some of the largest websites in the world - like Amazon, Netflix , etc.). It’s true SaaS which means that all future advances are available to you as they’re developed, and your site remains fast and functional for years to come.

  • Is the site relevant to the promotional products industry’s specific needs? Websites built without an inate understanding of the promo industry are destined to under-perform - at best. AWS is uniquely positioned between Suppliers and Distributors, which provide insights to what features are working and effective - and what Distributors most often request. Our website platform provides over 75 advanced features and tools, including virtual samples, customized flyer and catalog creator, one-button action items, order status, inventory availability, freight calculators, PromoStandards integrations, integration to your OMS or ERP, one click product update to ESP, SAGE, DC - and more.

  • How much time and involvement is needed? Building your website is a job – not a career. We understand how many things you’re juggling, and have made the process extremely simple. Depending on the features you want and the complexity involved you / your team would spend as little as 2 to 5 days in gathering data, providing necessary information and confirmations. We do all of the heavy lifting!

  • Once the website is built, how easy is it to manage? Having to repeatedly call and request rudimentray website changes is time-consuming and wasteful. We provide an intuitive, powerful control panel that allows you to manage all aspects of the website from product and price changes, to special offers, landing page alterations, etc. Of course, you can always lean on us for any help you might need.

  • What about support? Support is key in any decision. We are fanatical about providing best-in-class service and responsiveness . AWS website uptime is 99.5%, and our support services are second to none.

  • Financing a capital investment – where can I find help? 2020 Sales were off and cash is tight. We understand that website cost might be an obstacle- and we can help you to afford this most crucial element of your business. Simply put, we’ll work with you - to tailor a financial plan that best suits your needs.

  • With over 20 years of proven track record and over 500 industry customers, we can provide relevant technology and back office services solutions that fit your specific requirement. We’re laser-focused on industry best practices, with a unique, 360° view of what’s working - and what’s not. As a Supplier, and having been through the process multiple times, I’m available to share insights and provide a detailed analysis of your current site – at no cost or obligation. Simply click on the link below to set up a meeting and receive your complimentary analysis.

  • Best regards

  • Scott Nussinow, MAS, EVP

We develop strong, successful business relationships with our customers based on mutual respect, trust and professional integrity.

In depth Promotional Products Industry understanding. 18 years of Experience. 500+ Customers. One focus: Your Success.

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