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for the Promotional Products Supplier

Our ERP & Order management solutions can help you integrate financial data, operations, and customer data to increase productivity. It gives you control and visibility into what’s going on in your business with the ability to make smart decisions that impact your margins and improve your cash flow—ultimately driving your business growth.

ERP & order management platforms
With our world class robust ERP & Order Management platforms you can
  • Efficiently manage bookkeeping and inventory
  • Simplify and control your order to shipping workflows
  • Boost efficiency of production orders
  • Analyze trends and relationships
  • Manage customer and sales data
  • Plan and track capacity
  • Manage Campaigns and marketing activities
  • Get online proof approval
  • Manage your website content
  • Shared Cloud

    Our cloud is available in shared architecture so multiple companies can utilise single set of resources to get enterprise strength solutions are cost effective rates. Your data within your instance is completely secure and is only accessible to you.

  • PRIVATE Cloud

    We understand your processes are unique and they need special attention. With private cloud architecture, you get the freedom of custom implemented solution with flexibility and scalability of the cloud.

  • On Premise

    Have a range of applications working at your premise that you need integrated with? Like invest in software and reduce your monthly operational expenses? Our on premise solutions ensure you can have a custom implementation with perpetual licensing and installation at your premises.

  • Access Anywhere

    Our solution architects can implement and work with your IT teams to design you system architecture such that your solution is accessible anywhere through a feasible interface.

Deployment options
One of the biggest barriers to Promotional Suppliers achieving their potential volumes, speed, service levels and cash-flows is the lack of accurate, timely information across it’s stakeholders
  • Your website connects with AWS’s Promotional Enterprise Solution

    Product and order information flows to and from your website without needing manual intervention.

  • One system – one business

    Customer management, order processing, inventory and accounting systems are not separate but work together as part of one connected system. There is no loss of time or information.

    • Sales Order processing is completely customized to meet your requirements including management of artwork and charges.
    • Sales Orders with issues are automatically identified along with the details of issues and exceptions to be managed.
    • Purchase orders are linked to Vendor and Inventory information.
  • One System connects to every other

    AWS’s Promotional Enterprise Solution has built in connectors for legacy systems commonly used by Promotional Suppliers, in case you business needs to.

  • Other Benefits

    With AWS’s Promotional Enterprise Solution you are building a business that transcends individuals, time and access constraints and makes the customer and information the center piece of the business.

    Key Benefits of our Enterprise solutions:

    • Streamline financial practices
    • Get a clear view of your financials
    • Provide self-service reporting tools and real-time business intelligence
    • Identify and target your top contacts and customers to drive new sales opportunities
    • Build customer loyalty with customer-specific pricing and discounts.
    • Solutions Available on Premise or over Cloud.
    • delivers barrier free collaboration
OUR Services
  • Systems Consultations

    Consult and solve complex business process problems with our experienced functional teams

  • Product Implementation

    With experience of Promotional products our functional and technical team know the right product mix for your technology problems

  • Customization & Enhancement

    We understand no two companies operate in a same manner. Our experience technical teams customize the product to solve your unique problems

  • Version & Product Upgrades

    Get more out of your existing ERP by upgrading using our product upgrades service.

  • Cross Migrations
    (Data & Application)

    Our skilled data team helps you migrate years of data from legacy systems to our ERP.

  • Application Integration

    With a strong API platform our technical team helps you integrates applications tightly.

  • Post Implementation Support and Maintenance

    Armed with industry knowledge our support team understands your scenario and provide quick & reliable solutions.

seamless. connected. ready.

The internet has made the promotional business round-the-clock, instantaneous and global.

customer centric

Your customers need immediate access to product and order related information to decide in your favor. To process and ship orders, your operations need real-time information on credit histories; inventory and order issues and they need the tools to address those issues. Your marketing team needs to understand buyer behavior and you need accurate snap shots of your orders, outstanding collections, inventory and issues at anytime.

Collaborate and connect

Suppliers need their departments to collaborate and connect, yet the systems in use for accounting, order management, inventory, production and web are often separate and hard to connect.

Built for promo

AWS comprehensive solution for Promotional Suppliers combines a strong understanding of the industry and new developments in ERP systems to change the way Promotional Suppliers adapt to these challenges and do business.

AWS’s Promotional Enterprise Solution is a web based enterprise-wide architecture that connects your customers, department and individuals to one real-time information network that removes barriers to faster, better and more cost effective management of business processes - Closing a sale, processing and order, reducing credit risk, planning sales, budgeting and forecasting or managing production.

Industry understanding. Cross functional expertise. Six hundred people. Twelve years of experience. One focus: Your Success.

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